Test Your Combat Skills!

Ok, you are training Krav Maga or whatever. Are you sure that you will be able to to what you need to do when shit hits the fan?

I heard a guy say that he knows how to fight because he has an G3 (Graduate 3 level in Krav Maga). I asked him if he truly believes that he will be able to survive a violent attack. He didn’t answer.

The fact is that being a G3, black belt or even Sensei or Instructor doesn’t prove anything. It only proves that you probably passed an exam. It is possible that the acquired skills could increase your chances of surviving a violent attact but you will never know for sure untill you stress test your skills. And that’s exactly what Commando Combat Training is all about.

Commando Combat Training or CCT is a system without specific techniques. At CCT we don’t care what you do, if it works we want you to share it, if it doesn’t we’ll advise you to throw it away. CCT is about creating a test environment for your skills.

We hope to see you at CCT!